Universal X-RAY
Universal X-RAY
Small X-RAY equipment_X-3100
Small X-RAY equipment_X-3100
Stage:400*430 Detection accuracy:5um Gain:100X Detection field:Electronic Component

X-3100 universal X-RAY test equipment has a wide range of applications, and is more widely used for X-RAY non-destructive testing of internal structures in the electronic component industry.

X-Ray tube typeClosed
Spatial resolutiaon25um
Light tube voltage80KV
Light tube current500 (Max)
MagnificationGeometric zoom 100, system zoom 500X
Digital flat panel detector resolution768*768px
Digital flat panel detector density value14bit (16348)
Image speed30 (FPS)
Stage rotation360° (Optional)
Support rotation angle410*430mm
X-ray tube type950*680mm
Spatial resolutiaon0.02-4 cm2
Machine size956*1180*1600mm (L*W*H)
Machine weight580KG
operating systemWINDOWS 7/WINDOWS 10
Power supply/powerAC110-220V  50-60HZ 1200W
Radiation safety test<1 uSV/H
XC-3100 is a new type of X-ray spotting machine, used to quickly count the reel materials in the SMT industry, with an accuracy of 99.99% and a four-reel inspection speed of only 7-14S.
X-7100 X-RAY has a wide range of inspection fields and is usually used in the internal structure inspection of electronic components. Common bubble void rate measurement, circuit short circuit and open circuit, solder joint lack of solder, less solder leakage, and foreign body cracks inside.....
X-9200's large-size stage (1700*1000mm) can accommodate a variety of large-size samples for X-RAY testing. Its feature of being suitable for large-volume automatic testing is deeply loved by customers and is widely used in LED hard light bar testing.